Tech-Lead | Senior Consultant |

Tech-Lead | Senior Consultant |
ID : 1834
Education level  : Bachelor's degree
Work experience level  : Expert- (more than year 7)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description

Individual with excellent analytical skills, good technical skills, soft skills and team working capabilities, who has 7 Years of industrial experience.

Hands-on experience in multiple technologies (C#, .Net Core, .Net, JAVA, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, SQL, T/PL SQL, SSRS and proficiency in Cloud technologies such as Azure). As a quick learner who is seeking for new technologies.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Tech-Lead (dot Net) - Tiqri (Pvt) Ltd - (January 2022 – Present)

  • Project - Cushman and Wake Feild (Cush Wake) (2022 Jan - Present) (External System Integration Program)
    • Project expectation is to connect input (Upstream) external system and Output (Downstream) external system. That is happening through the Azure Enterprise Service Bus.
    • Technologies and Tools -.Azure Function apps/Azure Web Apps, C#, Microsoft SQL, Web API, Azure related technologies, Cosmos DB, .Net core API, Enterprise Service Bus, MediatorR, CQRS

Senior Consultant / Consultant – Technology - Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd (January 2018 - December 2021)

  • Project - GO Wireless corporation – US (2018 Jan – 2022 Dec)
    • Gowireless Replacement Insurance Program) Global Replacement Insurance Program (GRIP) offered by Cell Brokerage, LLC is an affordable insurance option and provides superior service to its wireless customers. The program continues to expand and offer GRIP products to partners around the country.
    • Technologies and Tools -. Azure Function apps/Azure Web Apps, C#, Microsoft SQL, Web API, Azure related technologies, MVC, AngularJS, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Cosmos DB, .Net core API

Associate Consultant – Technology - Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd - (January 2017 – December 2017)

  • Project - Siemens corporation – US (Reporting Tool for RNA REU SO) (January 2017 – Jul 2017)
    • Project Description - The purpose of this project is to enhance the existing reporting tool application with new requirements. Briefly this project is used by simens energy cooperation as their main reporting tool for global clients. It supports mainly for 3 regions of the world. RNA (North America) / REU AND SO (Europe Based Countries) Technologies and Tools: WPF, MVVM,XSL-FO,WCF Services,MEF, Oracle Database,SQL Server Database,Entity Framework (DB first)(ORM)

Engineer – Technology - Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd - (January 2016 – December 2016)

  • Project - Siemens Energy corporation (January 2016 – Dec 2016)
    • Project Description - A web-based application which is used as Tool Controlling and Tracking Platform. The purpose of this project is to develop/re-architect the existing TCTP application with latest technologies and enhance scalability
    • Technologies and Tools: C#, Microsoft SQL, Web API,
      JQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Oracle Database, NLogger NUnit,, AutoFac (DI Framework)

Engineer – Technology - Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd - (October 2015 – December 2015)

  • Project - SriLankan Airlines Fly smiles (Oct 2015 – December 2015
    • Project Description - SriLankan Airlines Fly smiles are the point system that awarded to the frequent international travellers. By redeeming those points, they earned, they can get benefits from retails
    • Technologies and Tools: Asp.Net WebApi, MS SQL Server, Dapper(ORM),Unity (DI)
Hard skills
  • Programming languages
    • C#
    • T-SQL/PL-SQL
    • Java Elementary
    • JavaScript
  • Technologies, Programs
    • NET Framework
    • NET Core
    • Dependency Injection (AutoFac)
    • Entity Framework/ Entity
    • Framework Core
    • Web API/Web API Core
    • Microsoft AZURE
    • AngularJS 1.2
    • JQuery
    • NET MVC/
    • Net Core
    • MVC
    • SSRS
    • WCF Services
    • Agile/Scrum methodology
    • Net Standard Libraries
    • ASP.NET Web Service
    • WPF/MVVM
Soft skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Logical thinking
  • Adapting to change circumstances.
  • Medical Liquid products particles detection system – Image Processing
    • Particle Detection system is a WPF Standalone system which integrate.
      with integrated circuit system (Chip Programming). Which identify
      unwanted particles from medical liquids using OpenCV image processing library and algorithms, then send signals for remove those containers from products batch belt
    • Technologies and Tools: C# .net/VB.Net/OpenCv
  • Virtusa.Code Review Plugin for Visual Studio. Internal Projects
    • Virtusa.Code Review is a Plugin for Visual Studio. Internal app that can
      use within Virtusa domain any project, as a tool for any version of Visual Studio. It increases code quality with easy peer reviews and manager reviews.
    • Technologies and Tools: Visual Studio Package development (VSIX),
      Asp.Net WebApi OData, WPF(MVVM)
Special notes

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