ICT Intern

ICT Intern
ID : 1823
Education level  : Bachelor's degree
Work experience level  : Beginner- (internship- 1 year experience)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description

To work in an environment which encourages me to succeed and grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

ICT Intern - University of Zululand - (May 2022 - October 2022)

  • I was responding to staff and students' queries via email, phone, or attending to walk-ins (Acting as the 1st line of support).
  • Maintaining a current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software, and resources for the University.
  • Logging incident calls using HEAT software and assigning them to the relevant personnel.
  • Remote assistance (Troubleshooting and installing software).
  • Providing network accounts and passwords as required using Active Directory to Reset and Generate User Passwords.
  • Student and Staff support (providing technical assistance and support to clients with computer systems, hardware, & software)
  • MS Office 365 Cloud Service, Migration Project (Archiving Emails)
  • Creating image for vast computer maintenance using Clonezilla.
  • Provide network support, cabling, troubleshooting switches, routers, and patch panels (LANs and WANs)

Graduate Trainee - Working Solutions International - (February 2022 - July 2022)

  • I was deployed at Delta Carbon Company where I was working on a project to build a Python web scrapper which extracts carbon credits data from each registry website and store it in a CSV

Tutor - University of Zululand - (July 2019 - October 2021)

  • I was assisting first year students with understanding the concept of Java and Python programming languages, teaching them best practices in programming for example writing algorithms before coding.

Merchandiser - Dikgabo di Kopane - (December 2018 - February 2019)

  • I was responsible for displaying and promoting coca cola products in different stores such as Spar, Shoprite and Boxer.
Hard skills
  • Database Design
  • Software Development using Java, Python, C++, and XML for Design
  • Networking, Web
    Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • GIS mapping, and hydrological modeling
  • Assembly Language
Soft skills
  • Problem Solvin
  • Decision Making
  • Good Communication
  • Programming for Everybody Associated with Data Science
    • University of Michigan Issuer
    • June 2020
  • JavaScript for Beginners - The Complete Introduction to JS Issuer
    • Udemy Issue
    • June 2021
  • GitHub for Data Scientist Issuer
    • LinkedIn Issue
    • March 2021
  • Natural Language Processing Issuer
    • Kaggle Issue
    • September 2021
Special notes

Database Design, Software Development using Java, Python, C++, and XML for Design, Networking, Web
Development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, GIS mapping, and hydrological modeling, Assembly Language

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