Data Analyst/ Market Analyst/ Statistical Analyst

Data Analyst/ Market Analyst/ Statistical Analyst
ID : 1754
Education level  : Master's degree
Work experience level  : Expert- (more than year 7)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description

To leverage over nine years’ experience as an analyst in a data-driven working environment combined with over three years’ experience as a people manager to quickly learn and grow in a modern data centric environment. Hands-on experience in supporting wide range of clients with their marketing analytics needs in different sectors including Telecommunication, FMCG, Banking, Tobacco and Alcohol. A highly motivated self-starter who introduced many new analytical techniques and pioneered to start new studies previously done abroad. A people manager who also built a diverse multicultural team and helped them to find their true potential.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Manager: Analytics - Kantar Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Former LMRB) - (March 2017 – November 2020)

  • Responsible for managing analytics team, continuous improvement and update of the team in contemporary tools and techniques. Helped researchers to convert market question to statistical problem and, convert back the derived answers to practical solutions.
  • Successfully integrated two teams in a company merger and drive the team through a complete system change.
  • Built a truly diverse team with multicultural factors and experienced increased efficiency.
  • Helped to emerged champions within the team for specific Tasks/Software such as R/PowerBI/Tracking Studies/Advanced analytics.
  • Extended the knowledge sharing to other departments through collaborations and study sessions.

Executive: Analytics - Kantar Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (Former LMRB) - (January 2011 - February 2017)

  • Coordinating with field teams and tabulation to get the in time raw data delivery. Data cleaning. Process the data analysis according to client requirements and report the findings.
  • Introduced integration of different tools to speed up the delivery process.
  • Received appreciation from different clients upon successful data delivery and extended help to resolve specific problems including Lion Brewery / Dialog Axiata/ Hemas Holdings.
  • Introduced many new analytical techniques to the company including BBN networks.
  • Pioneered winning analysis jobs for the company including Airtel Tracking study from India.
  • Hands-on experience in market research including telecommunication sector. Worked with Airtel/Dialog and Etisalat
Hard skills
  • R – Exploratory Data Analysis/Data Modelling/Data Cleaning/Graphing and Charting
  • Markdown/Rmarkdown – Reproducible Reporting
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL – Data Extraction/Data Cleaning/Preliminary Data Analysis
  • IBM SPSS - Data Analysis/Data Modelling/Graphing and Charting
  • MS EXCEL – Data analysis/Dashboards/KPI Reporting/Simple Data Cleaning
  • PowerBI/Tableau – Interactive Dashboards
  • SPSS Data Collection/NIPO – Creating Online Surveys
Soft skills
  • Certifications:
    • PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (in progress)
    • DP-900: Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals (in progress)
  • Certificates:
    • Data Science Professional Certificate By Harvardx (completed 6 out of 9 modules)
    • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate by Cousera
    • Business Analytics Nanodegree by Udacity
    • Bayesian Statistics Specialization by University of California through Cousera (completed 1 out of 5 modules)
    • NDG Linux Essentials v2 by cisco network academy (in progress)
Special notes

R & SPSS: Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Modelling, Data Cleaning, Graphing and Charting, Markdown, Rmarkdown, Reporting | PostgreSQL & MySQL: Data Extraction, Data Cleaning, Preliminary Data Analysis | MS EXCEL – Data analysis, Dashboards, KPI Reporting| PowerBI & Tableau | SPSS Data Collection/NIPO: Creating Online Surveys

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