Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Engineer

Data Scientist/ Machine Learning Engineer
ID : 1455
Education level  : Bachelor's degree
Work experience level  : Intermediate- (2-4 year experience)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description

Self-motivated, passionate, and certified Data Scientist with 3 years of industry experience including Machine Learning and Software Engineering skills. Excellent research, analytical skills specially in Intelligent Application Development. An effective team player who continuously seeks opportunities to master new domains and technologies.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Data Scientist – Engenuity Ai, Sri Lanka - (July 2021 - Present)

  • Communicate and work closely with clients, senior management, other technical teams for AI/ML based solution research, prototype and end-to-end development in different domains including banking, finance services and insurance industry etc.
  • Designing, development and deployment of reusable application components and ML pipelines.
  • Undertaking ML model training, retraining, testing and deployment in different environments.
  •  Monitoring and resolving performance issues in application components, ML models and algorithms.
  • Maintain coding standards, conducting code reviews and support team members on technical issue resolution.
  •  Specially worked in Natural Language Processing, Chatbot development, Computer Vision & Image processing.

Associate Consultant (Machine Learning) - Virtusa Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka - (January 2021 – June 2021)

  • Collaborated with multiple AI research & development teams to design & develop advanced AI solutions for different overseas clients in different business domains. Specially in banking and finance industry.

Engineer (Machine Learning) - Virtusa Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka (March 2019 - December 2020)

  • Worked with AI/ML & software development teams to design & implement intelligent solutions and ensure accurate integrations and deployments.

Software Engineering Intern - Virtusa Corporation, Sri Lanka - (September 2017 – February 2018)

  • Involved with the design & development phases with the software development teams to bringing research & development-based software solutions.
  • Contributed to the production solutions’ development and deployment.
Hard skills
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Azure / Azure ML
  • Chatbot / Conversational AI
  • OCR
  • OpenCV
  • Flask
  • Sci-kit Learn
  • Apache Spark
  • Power BI
  • Spring Boot
  • Hibernate, JPA
  •  Maven
  • Web Services
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • SQL, MongoDB
  • Git
Soft skills


  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate.
  •  Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals.
  •  Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals.
  • Certified Professional: Virtual Assistant Platform Developer Basic & Advance Training Certifications.
  •  Deep Learning Specialization (DeepLearning.AI) from Coursera.
Special notes

Reading: M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, Skills: Python, Java, C, TensorFlow, Keras, Natural Language Processing, Azure/ Azure ML, Chatbot/ Conversational AI, OCR, OpenCV, Flask, Sci-kit Learn, Apache Spark, Power BI, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, Maven, Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, SQL, MongoDB, Git

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