Data Analyst

Data Analyst
ID : 1412
Education level  : Bachelor's degree
Work experience level  : Intermediate- (2-4 year experience)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description
Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Analyst - Ugam Solutions, Coimbatore - (September 2018 – July 2021)

  •  I have been working as an associate analyst in the field of market research and have been promotedfrom associate analyst to analyst by September - 2020.
  •  My role is to analyze the data based on the consumer response.
  •  Quality check the data and review them provide, Good communication with the clients and understanding their needs for keeping commitments in a timely manner and resolving queries promptly.
  •  I have worked on platform like SPSS,Quantum (2 years) and Decipher (2 years).

Analyst - Dynata, Noida - (August 2021 - Now)

  • Using the Quantum we do the tabulation, validation and crosscheck
    the data through SPSS and adding to it we will also be doing merging through SPSS.
  • Data cleaning through SPSS and check bad OE ,speeder check would be done throughout.
  • Also have used internal tool for Data cleaning.
  • Handling monthly and weekly tracker.
  • We receive tab plan and Questioner from the PM end, we do the tabulation based on the tab plan and provide formatter excel output as final delivery.
  •  Though SPSS we check the output of the tables and verify the counts obtained on the table.
Hard skills
  • Platform
    • Quantum
    • Decipher
    • XMLExcel
Soft skills
  •  Good communication
  •  Learning Agility
  •  Team Player
  •  Initiator
  •  Acquaint to learn Something new
Special notes

Learning: CRISP - ML models and the process of handling the business problems, Going through the process of finding data types and practicing how to distinguish and handle different types of data types, Through EDA analyzing the anomalies in the data and clearing it by applying the Outliner treatment, winsorization, trimming

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