Data Analyst

Data Analyst
ID : 1563
Education level  : Bachelor's degree, Master's degree
Work experience level  : Expert- (more than year 7)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
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Experienced in using all IT technologies such as pc,unix,mainframes, MS sql servers and various development tools in all IT areas including management and solutions.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Software Architect - Treasury and Securities - SOFTTECH (ISBANK) / İstanbul - (01 April 2020- to date)

I am working in Treasury and Securities Domain Projects in IBM Mainframe Z/OS(MVS) operating systems  using CICS, TSO, JCL, DB2, Cobol, PL/1 and IMS tools with agile - scrum methodology.

Contractor ( Consultant ) – Payment Systems Department - GARANTİ TEKNOLOJİ (GARANTİ BBVA) Inc / İstanbul – MİRSİS Limited Co/ İstanbul - (16 July 2019 - 31 March 2020)

I worked in Payment Systems (ATM, POS, Credit Card, Debit Cards, E Commerce , merchant software) Projects in IBM Mainframe Z/OS(MVS) operating systems  using CICS, TSO, JCL, DB2, Cobol, PL/1 and CA Cool Gen tools with agile - scrum methodology

Contractor ( Consultant ) – BI Development & Operations  Department - VODAFONE TURKEY Inc / İstanbul – DATUM Consulting TR / İstanbul - (03 January 2019- 15 July 2019)


Contractor  ( Consultant ) – DataWare House  Department  - INTERTECH-DENIZBANK Inc / İstanbul – VERA Limited Co / İstanbul - (01 July 2018-09 October 2018)



I developed software as an outsource in INTERTECH Inc. I done  DWH, data mining , datamart projects with MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, SSIS, TFS  in Customer Analitics Department

Contractor (Consultant) – Credits, Foreign Trades, Current Accounts Department - HSBC Inc / İstanbul – XINERJI Limited Co / İstanbul - (01 June2012-31 May 2018)

I developed software as an outsource in HSBC Turkey. I have made improvements in current loans , import , export and EOD modules. In line with the decision taken by the bank, the core banking package moved from IBM Mainframe Z/OS (MVS) and Software AG Adabas / Natural to open systems on the Microsoft platform with Intertech Co , I took part in this transformation project. The databases and software languages ​​I used were Adabas / Natural and MS SQL / MS. NET C #. Operating system was IBM Z/OS (MVS).

I provided advice on transferring data from banks that were liquidated in BFB (United Fund Bank) from IBM open systems

Manager  –  Risk Management , Control, Reporting Group  -INTERTECH (Software and outsource firm developing and supporting products  and servicing  outsource for finance and banking sectors) / İstanbul - (01 September 1993- 31 March 2012)

  • Manager  –  Risk Management , Control, Reporting Group  (15 December 2010 –  31 March 2012)

Overall responsibity for managing a software and analyst team developing DWH projects in MS .NET, Sql Server platform for Risk management and Control, Internal Control and Audit departments, Development with Adabas / Natural, C, Sql Server, MS .NET C#. Also supported Tarisbank system in IBM AS/400 system.

  • Manager -  External Customer Group  (10 August 2007 – 15 December 2010)

Responsible for managing software and analyst team concerned with developing projects in Quantis banking applications written in SAG Adabas and  Natural platform and  used by four banks. In 2010 managed migration for Eurobank - Tekfen and Dilerbank from Quantis to Inter-next banking applications, written in MS .NET, Sql server platform. Also managed development team for ERP systems for BANTAŞ. I developed programs with Adabas / Natural, C, Sql Server, MS .NET C#.  Also supported Tarisbank system in IBM AS/400 system.


  • Manager – Software Support and Helpdesk Group  (25 September 2000 -  10 August 2007)

Responsible for management Software Support and Helpdesk Group. Also dealing with banking software packages of 12 customer banks and developing projects. In addition to routine charges, managing a 3 month project in charge of 40 employees to increase the size of the fields of Quantis applications like customer numbers, amounts, and rates.

Managing project for migrating Interbank, Esbank, Etibank into Etibank banking platform. Creating a support team for Inter-next banking applications written in MS .NET , SQL Server platforms.

I developed programs with Adabas / Natural, C, Sql Server, MS .NET C# in this period.

  • Manager – Software Support Group -  (01 May 1998 – 24 September 2000)

Initially managing a select team of five employees for supporting institutional banking projects running IBM Mainframe. Later on increasing responsibility to a 24 employee help desk dealing with all channels and modules of banking software like ATM/Credits Cards, Internet for twelve banks, running IBM VSE/ESA, MVS, Unix operating systems, 24/7 expert help desk.

Moreover developing various projects such as migration from Koç-Unisys operating system to Digital Alpha, migration from IBM VSE/ESA to MVS, increasing the limit of numbers of branches in the Quantis banking system for various banks.

I developed programmes with Adabas / Natural and C languages in this period.

  •  Software Support Programmer – Software Support Group (01 February 1996-01 May 1998)

Working as a senior analyst/programmer in the Software Support Group, expert in and responsible for maintaining and improving Quantis banking modules. I was one of fewest people who knew entire paggage in software and banking applications. I developed programmes with Adabas / Natural and C languages.

  • Project Development Programmer – Project Development Group (01 September 1993 – 31 March 1996)

Working as a project Development Programmer writing programmes for client’s new demands and maintenance  developing with Cobol – PL/I / Cics and Adabas/ Natural programming languages in credits , import and export modules of Intertech’s first main banking package named EBSV1. Developing modules like promissory notes for Quantis banking systems prepared in Adabas/Natural to suit clients’ expanding demands. I developed cheque paggage with MS Visual Studio. Also in charge of conversion and implementation of Quantis applications to customer banks.


YABİM (IT firm of Yasar Group, Inc.) / İzmir -(01 December 1992-31 July 1993)

Responsible for developing a hotel application providing DOS users the opportunity to receive and update data from UNIX operating systems using Borland C++ and C in Unix programming languages.

Hard skills
  • MS
  • NET C#
  • Sql Server
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • Mysql
  • Informatica
  • Asp
  • Visual Basic
  • C
  • Adabas / Natural
  • CoolGen,
  • PL/I
  • Cobol
  • DB2
  • IMS
Soft skills
  •  UNX Academy , Introduction to Container Systems, October/2021, Istanbul
  • Udemy , PythonForBeginners:Learn Python Programming (Python 3) , October/2021, Istanbul
  • Udemy , The Complete Web Developing Course 2.0, April/2021, Istanbul
  • Garanti Technology , CoolGen , July/2019, Istanbul
  • Galatasaray University , Joyology : The Chemistry of Happiness, December/2018, Istanbul
  • Bilge Adam , OOP and Design Patterns, May/2017, İstanbul
  • Bilge Adam , Programming in HTML with Javascript and CSS3, April/2017, İstanbul
  • Bilge Adam , Programming in C# with Microsoft Visiual Studio, March/2017, İstanbul
  • Aktüel Sağlık, Education and Certification for First Aid, November/2011, İstanbul
  • Liberation, Professional Communications Skills, June/2008, İstanbul
  • Netron Bilişim Akademisi, Programming with Microsoft .NET C#, July/2005, İstanbul
  • Netron, Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database, July/2005, İstanbul
  • Netron, Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database, July/2005, İstanbul
  • Netron, Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL, July/2005, İstanbul
  • HP, Payment Systems  Seminar, May/2005, Athens
  • HP,  ITIL Essentials for IT Service Management, October/2004, İstanbul
  • Sinerji, Education for Correct and Effective Speaking, May/2001, İstanbul
  • Era Training & Consultancy, Simulation Techniques, October/2000, İstanbul
  • Era Training & Consultancy, Negotiation Skills,  September/2000, İstanbul
  • Era Training & Consultancy, Customer Management, June/2000, İstanbul
  • ExecuTrain, Microsoft Excel 2000 Visual Basic for Appl., May/2000, İstanbul
  • Sinerji, To Establish Efficient Relations With Customers, April/2000, İstanbul
  • IBM, Introduction to OS/390(Course Code  ES05),  July/1999, İstanbul
  • Fed Training, Efficient Presentation Skills, September/1998, İstanbul
  • TMI, Personnel Performance and Time Management, June/1998, İstanbul
  • Cebit-1998, April/1998, Hanover
  • Komdatasoft, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 System Administration,  April/1996, İstanbul
  • Mehmet Kocabaş, Efficient Team Building, June/1995, İstanbul
  • Software AG, Natural Performance, September/1994, İstanbul
  • Software AG, Programming Natural 1 –2 and Adabas, December/1993, İstanbul
  • Interbank, Basic Banking, October/1993, İstanbul
Special notes

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