Content Writer/ Brand Executive

Content Writer/ Brand Executive
ID : 1751
Education level  : Bachelor's degree
Work experience level  : Intermediate- (2-4 year experience)
Work experience in total  : Years
Job type  : Online
Job time  : Maandelijks
Last date of registration :
Profile description

I have the ability to deconstruct a problem in an unorthodox manner, allowing to create solutions as part of a team – leading to creative, quantifiable and unique work. Additionally, I have an excellent command over the English Language,
able to put thoughts and suggestions into appropriate language and documentation, so as to clearly communicate and elaborate.

Work experience In details :
Job position
Job description

Freelance Blog Content Writer – D3Maven - (August 2022 – Current)

  • Content Writing, Calendar Creation, Topic, Framework, and Cadence structure

Senior Content Writer - Surge Global – (March 2021 – July 2022)

  • Responsibilities: Content writing, concept creation, creative direction, copywriting, data-driven research and analysis.
  • Industries: Education (US), Digital Marketing, Corrections/Legal (US), Fitness (Australia), Real Estate (US)
  • Accounts: Shorelight Education, Internal, Fitness Playground, Lake Nona, Reconnect

Brand Executive - Brand Centrical - (March 2020 – November 2020)

  • Responsibilities: Account/Client Management, Strategic Direction, Copywriting (internal and client-based)
  • Accounts: Milcris Agritech, Hemachandra, Wattura Resort and Spa (copywriting only), Prima Group (copywriting only), KTMG Clinics (Digital)

Junior Brand Executive - Publicis Solutions - (August 2019 – October 2019)

  • Responsibilities: Account/Client Management, Department Liaising, Brief Writing
  • Accounts: Milkmaid, Taco Bell, American Express, Maggi

Client Due Diligence Analyst - HSBC/Hdpl – (2014 – 2015)

  • Responsibilities: Document Due Diligence, Data Entry
Hard skills
Soft skills
  • Writing (Formal/Informal/Creative/Data-driven)
  • Research and Analysis
  • Fluency in English Language – Written/Verbal
  • Interpersonal communication and cohesion
  • Strategic thinking
  • Client Management
  • Presentation
Special notes

Writing (Formal/ Informal/ Creative/ Data-driven), Research and Analysis, Fluency in English Language - Written/ Verbal, Interpersonal communication and cohesion, Strategic thinking, Client Management, Presentation

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